Paper Labelling Release Liner Repurposing

Diverting waste away from landfills by reintroducing them into the production cycle

Labelling Release Liner has traditionally been non-recyclable, however Nuplas Solutions has partnered with our industry partner on an innovative process that can successfully process labelling waste into recycled paper pulp.

Ocean Used Fishing Net Repurposing

Fostering a sustainable supply chain that protects the environment & bio-diversity

Used fishing nets are one of the main contributors to ocean pollution & is also the biggest threat to marine life. They are also one of the most versatile materials that we have around the world. Nuplas Solutions works closely with local communities to facilitate the sourcing of used fishing nets to produce recycled yarns for textile production & other use.

Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer) Waste Management

Helping manufacturers manage production waste efficiently for better ESG compliance

Collaborating with manufacturers to reduce reliance on raw materials through recycling production waste…
Maintain high quality of recycled materials

Aviation Non-Serviceable Parts Repurposing

Giving end-of-life materials a second life through repurposing & upcycling