Nuplas Solutions

Re-thinking waste through circular solutions

Understanding the Value of Waste and Consumer Products

Let’s address the systematic flaw of waste management in Malaysia. We bring businesses, people, governments, and organizations to find new ways to rethink and redesign our 3R system with plastic waste. Our goal is to protect our natural resources and the communities that depend on us. Together we can achieve a cleaner Malaysia.

Why Nuplas Solutions?

We are an impact driven company helping businesses to create a circular use of recyclable resources. The circular economy is an impending paradigm shift that is important for our future success and stability. It is a growing parameter needs to fully utilized. We recognize that it is something that we must work together on.


Implement Projects

To move towards zero waste, we want to help businesses accelerate. We provide innovative solutions through circular design.

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Product Redesigning

We encourage circular products design. Our team of material scientists, designers and sustainability experts work with clients to provide efficient products.

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